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I LOVE I Foundation

Julius W. Pieranunzi Academies

The Gift Of a Dream

Ideally, School is a nurturing and inspiring environment designed with the goal of each student discovering his or her individual passion and being taught the most useful life tools that stay with them forever.  Julius W. Pieranunzi Academies will not only foster academic excellence, but teach students how to live their dream and find happiness and fulfillment in life. Academics are instrumental in finding success, but learning how to deal with people, navigate relationships, and successfully handle any of the daily curve balls that life may throw at you will create an individual who is centered, capable of independent thought and fulfilled.  With a strong foundation based in "The hands on approach", combined with a unique I LOVE I Curriculum and an in-depth approach to understanding money and finances, our curriculum has been designed to prepare students not only for college and a successful career, but for the most meaningful, happy, abundant, and fulfilling life.


Your contributions to the I LOVE I Foundation will make these academies a reality for all.


"Hands On" Approach

gives students the opportunity to continuously be creating,
and thinking out of the box while learning life skills.

Financial Education

is essential to remove the ignorance around financial matters. It is a critical component to everyones self sufficiency and overall well being.

Creative, Innovative, And Critical Thinking

is what is necessary for each generation's future to be brighter than the last.

Leadership And People Skills

 are the individual and group self esteem drivers that improve the quality of all human interaction to collectively achieve the unimaginable. 

Living Their Truth And Passion

is achieved with a Child Centric environment which guides each child to their truth and brings out their courage to consciously live their passion. 


taught in the I LOVE I frame work provides the environment for critical thinking to insure a life of conscious independent thought.



Julius William Pieranunzi, (Wills) at age 6,
The Ross School BridgeHampton, NY

Julius excitedly waited with his hand up for a long time while his kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Aldridge was teaching the children what plants need to grow.  She was wondering what Julius could possibly add to what she felt was a straight forward and complete list, but then again, she chuckled in her head, it was Julius. She called on him and  in his 6 year old voice (those adorable innocent voices) he said, in such a matter of fact tone, "Mrs. Aldridge, ... in addition to soil, water and sun, most of all, plants need LOVE." In her 25 years of teaching this lesson, no student had ever added love to the list. She later told us she became very emotional and wanted to give him  a  big hug but instead, she asked Julius to come up and add Love to the list (picture in the background.)


This story is about feeling beyond our thoughts and Mrs. Aldridge, an extraordinary person, and an extraordinary teacher. She was an amazing gift to every child who was fortunate enough to be her student because the minute they walked into her classroom, she genuinely made everyone feel like they were loved and the center of the universe.  I personally witnessed this daily.  Mrs. Aldridge made it her responsibility to create the nurturing space for each child to feel safe, in order, to experience their truth and function at maximum potential.  Julius was able to think out of the box because of her love, dedication and the environment she created. It is this experience the Julius William Pieranunzi Academies will embody and provide. We thank you Mrs. Aldridge for having been such a bright light and touching so many lives. We all miss you so much.

With your help, we will make these Academies a reality for children all around the world

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