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To Move Humanity Forward

A Dream Of A Prosperous Present And Future

Igniting Hope In The Heart Of Every Individual

We are motivated to keep moving toward the day when we can end all suffering created by the misunderstandings and differences between each other, our families, our friends, our neighbors, all nations, and most importantly, the misunderstanding of our own self. Throughout our lives it can feel like there is no hope for the future. This is never true. We know that there is limitless potential in every second of every day to create something meaningful. I LOVE I is about never giving up, fearlessly dreaming into the future, putting people first and realizing the divine beauty and hope that comes from simply being in the moment.


The Dream Of
a Future Of Limitless Hope

I LOVE I Foundation
and Julius William Pieranunzi Academies

The I LOVE I Foundation exists to inspire children everywhere to fearlessly dream into the future. Our principal goal is to re-imagine education to empower children to pursue their dreams, live a fulfilling life and realize their limitless potential. It is our mission to not only make this education an unparalleled experience, but to make it available to all children

for free.

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