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One-on-One Private Consultations


What makes the One-on-One Private Consultations life changing are the unique Divine Downloads that rapidly occur in the individual's presence.  When you are seeking guidance, whether you realize it or not, you are sending your heartfelt truth out, and in kind, the universe responds with the solution that is for your highest good.  In that moment, Michael Robert guides you through this process empowering you to let go of the issues that have prevented you from being non-judgemental (especially toward yourself) and living your truth and purpose.


“It is an echoing mechanism, and I am the mouth piece." 


~Michael Robert~



“Since the consultation, my life has a new meaning. I was able to start looking at myself honestly, eliminate the horrible constant negative self-judging, and completely accept who I am. I find myself out of the most abusive relationship I had suffered through most of my life.  I feel true peace and happiness within. I am hopeful and I know I am beautiful."


1.  One-on-One Private Individual Consultations:

A)  $1000/Hour

$20,000 Per 10 Sessions (2 Hours per session)

B)  $2500/Hour

$5000 Per Session (2 Hours per session)

2.  Couple's Consultations:

A) $1500/Hour

$30,000 Per 10 Sessions (2 hours per session)

B) $3750/Hour

$7500 Per Session (2 hours per session)


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