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Education is the foundation upon which the  success of our future generations depends. Therefore, the entire school community, the students, parents, faculty and administrators need to be committed to the students finding their truth and living their passion. Having been raised by a father who worked with challenged children for over forty years, Michael Robert witnessed the power and success of this type of total commitment.  His all encompassing approach of empowering the leaders and teachers of America's Educational System, while keeping parents in the loop with a voice and instituting a "Whole Being Focus" for the students is destined to bring revolutionary transformation to our school communities.


These events have multiple focuses and approaches.  Michael Robert meets with the administrators, faculty, parents and students in separate groups where the applicable concerns, priorities and direction germane to each group are addressed.  Everyone is then brought together and shown their contributing piece to the ultimate goal of every student finding their truth and living their passion. There has never been a greater need in our school systems for such a transparent and consciousness raising approach for all parties involved.

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