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Michael Robert Live Shows exist to change the way we face our challenges and to act as a place of comfort, calm and peace. The world in its current state can be confused, angry, and frustrated to say the least. However, there is always hope for a brighter future. Michael Robert Live Shows are an ongoing reminder of that hope. During the broadcast of Michael Robert Live - The Brilliant Perspective every Tuesday at 8 PM EST, Michael, Julius and you experience the impactful stories and perspectives of studio guests, live callers, live viewer commenters and the in studio audience. These stories of real people with real challenges and real dreams are presented to provide the audience with insight into frustrations that they may share, an opportunity to de-stress, a brilliant perspective on themselves and the world around them and limitless hope.

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Our Why

Be a

Share your story and make a difference. Being a Guest is an opportunity to not only change your perspective, but to positively impact the perspective of everyone in the audience. Promote your brand, share your story, address your frustrations or bring awareness to your business on a Michael Robert Live Show.


#29 Michael Robert Live - The Brilliant Perspective With Posy

Michael Robert Live
The Brilliant Perspective
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Michael Robert Live
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