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The Brilliant Perspective

Michael Robert Live

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Our Why


For every negative belief we have there is a

Brilliant Perspective that creates limitless Hope.

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A Live Experience

Michael Robert Live - The Brilliant Perspective delves into the secrets in the stories that go untold, the solutions to the life challenges we all face and the unique perspectives of an international live audience and a father - son duo separated by 49 years. Michael Robert Live exists to instill in the heart of everyone the knowing that there is limitless hope.


If you are looking for a fresh point of view on the challenges that we all face throughout our lives or proof that dreams are always possible, join us for the full, unscripted live experience Tuesday evenings at 8:00 PM EST. You don't just watch The Brilliant Perspective, you play an integral role in shaping it. What's your point of view?

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No matter who you are or where you are from, your story and unique perspective have the potential to inspire and positively impact the world. Throughout our lives we all experience frustrations and difficulties that can hold us back from being happy with who we are and accomplishing our goals. Being a Guest on Michael Robert Live - The Brilliant Perspective is not only an opportunity to discover a solution to your frustrations, but to inspire the world with your unique story.

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