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I LOVE I Oasis

A Local rejuvenating Oasis in the center of our Lives.

An I LOVE I Oasis is a place that members can call "Their home away from home." Eventually, with numerous locations worldwide, members will have the opportunity to meet inspiring people, share joy and laughter and find relaxation in a serenely peaceful and beautiful place.

These I LOVE I Oases are designed to be a place of peace in our hectic lives. They are the dream of Sohum Kan Pieranunzi who envisioned a local rejuvenating space located outside of subway stations in every major city and in every town throughout the world. People who are stressed and tired, or that just need to disengage, will have a place to go for a break to rejuvenate their whole being. These Homes Away from Home will feature organic cafes, meditations, transformative workshops, weekly gatherings featuring fun activities for members and so much more. 

Our goal is for every I LOVE I Oasis to act as a beacon of Light, Hope and Love for all. 

An I LOVE I Oasis is in the Works!

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