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A life's Passion

Everything we do at I LOVE I is the manifestation of our dream to move humanity forward and to inspire the world to live with limitless hope. I LOVE I is far beyond our human imperfections and differences and is based in a power that is greater than all of us. Through the I LOVE I Foundation, we will build schools, provide funds for scholarships and collaborate with charities that share our dream of inspiring all children to fearlessly dream into the future. All Is Possible. Our vision is a conscious and critically thinking world world that creates happiness, fulfillment and abundance for all.  With great gifts comes great responsibility and the unwavering passion to share Divine Inner Light so the world can be lit up to see its own Light, which is I LOVE I.  


Michael Robert, Sohum and Julius


Michael Robert Pieranunzi

Sohum Kan Pieranunzi

Sohum Kan Pieranunzi


Julius Pieranunzi

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