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Michael Robert Pieranunzi

"An Instrument of Awakening."

An unspoken pure intent and unconditional Love is felt upon meeting Michael Robert. 


Starting at a very young age, he was able to visualize and manifest the truths in his heart.  He thought nothing of the fact that whenever he really wanted his cousins to visit, he would visualize his aunt's car parked in front of his house and without fail when he would turn the corner of his street, he would see her car and knew his cousins had arrived.  It was not until his first materialization that he started to become aware of this gift.  In 1970 Michael Robert, at twelve years old, had a Timex watch and wanted an ultra modern, square, stainless steel, "expensive" Seiko watch that he had seen on Television "more than anything".  It was the most amazing watch he had ever laid eyes on but knew there was no way he could ever afford it even though he cut lawns in the summer.  Low and behold, his deepest heart felt wish was about to become true in a way he never thought was possible.  He was simply walking on Dover Street and he looked down to discover, there, on the side walk in plain sight was the exact Seiko watch he wanted.  He was surprised and elated but not astounded because somewhere even at such a young age he knew this was possible.  He still has the two watches. (see below) 


Throughout Michael Robert's life, like the expressions of his truth in his visualizations and manifestations, he has always spoken his heart regardless of whether it would be accepted or popular all through school and during his career as an investment wholesaler, entrepreneur, venture capitalist and inspirational speaker.  Retiring at the pinnacle of his investment wholesaling career at age of thirty-seven, Michael Robert, feeling bewildered in his personal life, began searching for a deeper understanding of his beliefs that he felt was alluding him.  This overwhelming and consuming longing to find all the answers to all the questions swirling in his heart, led him to experiencing those answers through direct revelations from the Divine within. 


Twenty-five years later, he finds himself astral traveling, experiencing spiritual visions and revelations, and seeing sacred geometries of the Manifested Universe unfolding before his eyes.  However, as infinitely grateful as he is for these gifts, Michael Robert prays for the most effective way these spiritual gifts can serve all humanity.  His prayers are continually answered with the divine downloads that awaken souls quickly and effectively in the most profound and lasting way. It is through these miraculous divine downloads that individuals experience inexhaustible hope, an opening of the heart and the wisdom to transform their lives to create their own happiness and success.  Since the day of his Anointment by Michael the Archangel on January 11th of 2020, Michael Robert has been downloading streams of Divine Truth as he speaks to his private clients and public audiences throughout the world.

The Watch Michael Robert Materialized At Age 12
Michael Roberts Manifested Watches

"We Fear Things In Proportion To Our Ignorance Of Them."

1976 Senior Yearbook Quote & Picture
Michael Robert Pieranunzi, 18 Years Old
Classical High School, Providence, RI, USA



Greetings of Padmasambhava

I arrived in Bhutan as I

and left Bhutan as I LOVE I.

In this mountainous country where television was introduced less than fifteen years ago, where GDH (Gross Domestic Happiness) is measured alongside GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and where so many considered it to be one of the most spiritual places on earth; I had the most miraculous trip of my life. Surrounded by my family, friends and students, the trip was overflowing with joy, loving kindness, cognitive awareness and liberation. These words, however,  fall short of what I was feeling at different times through-out this personal spiritual odyssey, suffice to say, in just ten days we had a plethora of experiences. There was so much synchronicity, too many “Ah-Ha Moments” during our temple visits and enough laughter to fill a lifetime. I will share one of the many moments which immersed me into the divine, my truth.


It was our last day in Bhutan and we were visiting Paro Taktsang, Tiger’s Nest Monastery, one of Bhutan’s crown jewels sitting ten thousand feet above sea level in the Cliff side of the upper Paro Valley. (Picture above). When we arrived early that morning, you could not even see the monastery because it was hidden above the clouds (Click on slide show below). We were each given a mule and a guide and began the breath taking trip up to the lodge that was three thousand feet above sea level. I cannot tell you how frequently on our three thousand foot ascent I thought our 12-year-old son who was in front of me or myself were going to slip right off the edge. It seemed like almost every time a mule took a step, they slipped on a rock. We finally arrive at the lodge, which would become base camp and the location of our luncheon.


With the mule ride and fear of falling off the edge behind us, I was all excited to begin the trek up to Tiger’s Nest Monastery.  Literally, as I am feeling this excitement, our tour guide said "the remaining portion of the trek up to the monastery will be on foot and any one with heart problems cannot go."  I thought I was hearing things.  So, my father-in-law who has heart issues, my wife who had two ablations at thirty-four, our friend whose hip was in excruciating pain and myself who had had heart issues all were remanded to base camp. This was unacceptable to me. I had come all the way to Bhutan, endured the altitude sickness, the car sickness due to endless curvy  mountain roads, the ice cold showers in March and I am not going up to one of the most famous places in the whole country! As I saw it, my only obstacle was getting past the group at base camp; never believing I would have any physical issues heading up the mountain. So, I announced I was going to the rest room which was one hundred percent a true statement. However, I just failed to disclose my plans for the journey I would be taking afterwards.


I splashed water on my face and was all energized to head up the mountain thinking this is going to be “a piece of cake”.  I literally took three steps and was feeling my heart pounding.  So naturally, I stopped and rested for a moment. Thought nothing of it until the next three steps, my heart was pounding even harder and I stopped to rest again. This is no exaggeration, it was literally three steps.  I said to myself in that moment, so be it, I do not care if it is three steps at a time, I will be roaring with the tigers in the monastery (a little monastery humor there). I gradually increased the number of steps I was taking and once it reached twenty steps at a time, I stopped counting. I was practically jogging towards the end. I did not see anyone from our private group. They had left fifteen minutes ahead of me. I thought I might have caught up to the stragglers but did not see anyone. Wow! I thought, no one even came back to search for me assuming my wife would have called my mother-in-law in a panic looking for me. Obviously, I had forgotten there was no cell service.  I reach Tiger’s Nest Monastery expecting to see everyone because they left well before me and we were told there was only one way to the top. Instead, I saw a monk by the waterfall giving me a big smile in acknowledgement of my having reached the monastery. So, I nodded my head and smiled back thinking to myself, that is really nice that there is a monk to greet people upon arrival, "The Tiger's Nest Welcoming Monk."


To my astonishment, there was no one from my group in the monastery either. I immediately decided to go right back out and ask the welcoming monk if there is another way to reach the monastery. Literally, seconds after I walked in, I came out of the monastery and the monk was nowhere to be found, he had simply vanished. Now I am feeling that other forces are at work here. I sat on the wall waiting for my group to arrive. Just before you finally reach Tiger’s Nest, there are approximately one hundred steps you must take and there are benches half way up if you need to stop. I perched myself up on the top of the wall overlooking the steps in a lotus position waiting for our group.


Our son was the first to arrive, naturally being the youngest and my mother-in-law was the second to arrive, naturally because she is in great shape and an avid mountain climber.  As our son, Julius was going up the last stretch of stairs and about to rest at the bench, I, in my best “God Voice” said, “Julius, the winners in life are the people who do not stop to rest until they reach their goal”.  I wish I had my phone because the expression on his face would have been the award-winning picture of the trip.  He said "Daddy! ... Daddy what are you doing here, how did you get here before all of us;  we left first." I looked at him straight in the eyes and said, “I know the only monk who can answer that question is no longer here.”  Everything is possible when you love yourself and are in your truth.  In that moment, I loved myself so much that from the deepest divine place in my being I wanted to give myself the Tiger’s Nest Monastery experience. I was awakened to not judging myself or others, to love myself and others and have the knowing that this is how we are all are each other’s Miracles, I LOVE I.

                                                                                        ~Michael Robert~


Tigers Nest
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Jesus And The Akashic Records


The Miraculous Teachings of Jesus

The Akashic Record Reading with Rev. Dr. Roberta Herzog:  Where does one begin when talking about one of the most extraordinary events in one’s life.  Essential to that conversation, however, is the concept of letting go, not judging oneself or others, trusting one’s inner voice, not limiting oneself, being awake enough to notice the synchronicity, knowing that there are no coincidences, knowing everything happens for a reason, deeply feeling that happiness is a birth right and that drama is totally over rated.  Without failure, the TRUTH, inherently, raises the most honest questions.


The question is exactly where this experience in Truth begins.  Instead of asking the direct question that had been swirling around in my heart forever;  I chose to be clever, relying on my mind instead of the truth in my heart in phrasing my question.  In the processes, I realized the universe answers what is in your heart and not your mind.


In the mid 1990s, my life’s journey had brought me to Reverend Dr. Roberta Herzog, one of a handful of primary Akashic Records readers.  The Akashic Records are the complete history of your soul’s journey.  From the very first reading, I wanted to know if I had ever met Jesus but was so attached to the outcome that I could not ask the question.  Finally, after a number of readings, I mustered up the courage to ask the question in a very roundabout way, hoping for a positive response.  After Roberta recited the prayer and the words of gratitude she began every reading with, she then asked me to state my name at birth.  After I would state my birth name,  a brief pause would follow, and  she would say, "how can we help today?"  That would be my cue to ask my question:  “What is the most important life time I need to have knowledge of in this life time?”


The Akashic Records are sealed for a reason and when you receive messages from another lifetime there is a responsibility that comes along with the gift of this knowledge.  It is not for entertainment purposes but a possible tool to move you along your path to feel no separation, love yourself and others, to self-actualization and to be your truth.  You are given the opportunity to let go of the karma you become aware of during the reading and thus begin the processes of clearing the path between you and yourself.  Organically, a clarity develops and you realize your purpose and passion.


On this day, Roberta began the reading, "I am going to take you into Rome, where you are the son of one of the most powerful, wealthy and politically influential men in the Roman Empire.  However, you and your father do not see eye to eye on anything, least of all the women he was forcing you to marry to form a powerful alliance with her family.  Your father loved you very much but was overwhelmingly controlling.  He, in fact used his power and influence on two prior occasions to keep you out of the military."   At this point in the reading, I sighed a breath of relief because I believed, Roberta was not addressing my real question, "Had I ever met Jesus?"  It is at that exact moment she tells me, "to get away from your father you joined the army.  Your father was furious but there was nothing he could do.  You boarded a military ship and set sail leaving everyone and everything behind.  You truly gave up everything and did not see your family ever again.  Are you understanding the magnitude of what you had done?  You were sick the entire time on the ship due to the smell of the poor-quality tanning of the leather you were wearing and the sea sickness.  You finally arrived at your destination...Judea."  I stopped breathing upon hearing the destination and with a blink of my eyes, I did the math, Roman Empire + Judea = Jesus’ Life Time.  I had the chills all over my entire body because the universe was providing the answer to the question that was what my heart truly desired to know.


“Dear One” Roberta continued, "you were so glad to be back on land. You must realize that you were not a solider or a warrior but a lover in that life time.  You were very handsome and charming and lived a noble's privileged  life.  You were not prepared for what came next given your background and military inexperience.  You were immediately assigned to a patrol unit that was ambushed by the local Zealots.  A wise old healer happened to see the ambush and came to your rescue.  He threatened to expose your attackers whom he knew.  He said to them, "this one is no solider, he is practically a boy and no immediate threat to you or your fight.  Leave immediately or I will go to the authorities."  Because you were unconscious and near death, he solicited the help of the men that lived in the surrounding houses and together they moved you to his small two-room house.   Although I was suspecting this is the life time I walked with Jesus, I did not find out until this very moment.


I instinctively knew the connection was going to be made at this house and unconsciously started holding my breath.    As the words began to unfold from Roberta’s mouth, with each syllable I held my breath tighter and tighter and she said, "you opened your eyes for the first time in three days and saw your rescuer, the wise old healer walking into the room.  There was a voice emanating from the room the healer had just left that brought comfort to every cell of your being.  Just hearing the voice made you feel safe, comforted and to your astonishment, loved in a way you had never experienced.  The healer then yelled back into the room where the voice had come from and said, 'HE IS AWAKE!'  At that point, Jesus walked into the room and stroked your brow and said..." and then Roberta stopped mid-sentence saying “Dear one, are you all right?”  I could not speak and then when I recovered,  I told her I was too embarrassed to ask the question, if I had ever met Jesus. She said, “There you have it, you are always given the truth.”


Roberta continued, "Jesus said, 'while you are recovering here in bed, listen to what I am telling the others."  Upon his arrival each day, Jesus would come into your room and stroke your brow and forehead.  You realize of course, dear one, he could have cured you instantly but he did not.  Jesus wanted you to experience the teachings he was giving to the twelve apostles.  So, for months you convalesced and listened to Jesus' teachings.  You recovered fully and made the decision to live Jesus’ teachings.  You, therefore, had to assimilate yourself physically, in your dress, and your demeanor.  Because you were not Semitic looking it was a challenge physically.  You married, had three children and after Jesus’ death you left Judea."  Roberta, uncharacteristically in an astonished voice said,  “If you so choose, you can recall the miraculous teachings of Jesus in this life time.  You are quite the Divine Child, Dear One.”

Hearing those words, all my childhood memories and my adult recollections of the contradictions, inconsistencies, and distorted truths I heard my whole life were flooding into my head simultaneously.  I felt relieved of all the controlling doctrines and guilt-based dogmas I was being forced to follow.  This caused me to be fully immersed in the awareness of having been taught by Jesus in that lifetime. This, combined with the divine gifts such as seeing visions and being able to manifest quickly and effectively since childhood caused me to know I could be an instrument of awakening for all of humanity.  


Roberta’s words brought back vivid memories (which I chuckled every time when I revisited those scenes) of being admonished for questioning what I was being taught in catechism classes in preparation for my First Holy Communion. This day, I remember the nun teaching the class telling us Jesus was the only son of God and that we were all terrible sinners and needed to ask for God’s forgiveness.  Firstly, I never quite bought into the "terrible sinner concept" because I would have to make up sins every week to tell the priest during Confession.  Secondly, we were constantly being told God was our Father.  So, after we were told that Jesus was the Only Son of God, I raised my hand and said, “Sister, am I not a son of God too, aren’t we all children of God?”  I had never seen that nun move so fast, she was instantly at my desk saying you are going to the Monsignor for speaking such blasphemy.  She grabbed me by the hand and whisked me off to the Monsignor’s office.  Monsignor McKitchen was a very large man with a Pug that looked like him and breathed like him.  He would say, “Mr. Pieranunzi, what did you say this time?", and before I could answer, the nun recounted the incident.  He would then try to reinforce the Church dogma but to no avail.

Since the anointment of Michael The Archangel on January 23rd, 2020, the divine downloads continuously streaming through my heart are miraculous teachings of pure origin and hold the  undeniable vibration of Infinite Wisdom and Truth.  Faith, Hope and Love as Jesus once taught me:  FAITH is the Renunciation of The Illusion. (The Illusion is all the things your ego wants you to believe are real but are not, in other words, the Dramas.)  Hope is The Realization That There Is No Separation.  And LOVE is when the knot in your heart is Totally Broken Open to the point where you completely Dissipate and all there is, is Nothing  but Love.  Love is I AM I, Love is I LOVE I, Love Miraculously just Is. 


       ~~Michael Robert

Anointment By Michael The Ark Angle


The Anointment

“The Sound”, what was it? Where was it coming from? Was it real? How could I be imaging something that I did not know?  I knew I had a recollection of this sound but it was not cognitive.  It was in the distance and coming towards me in what felt like perfect timing.  Whatever that means. This sound was getting louder and louder without the volume increasing. The closer the sound became the more I was experiencing the perfection in what I was hearing.  I describe this as an experience of being Loved completely with no judgement, absolutely safe, no fear and I, everyone and everything else was Divine Love. I felt no separation, my body had disappeared upon first hearing “The Sound”.  Immersed in this bliss and now fully aware in the knowing that it was the flapping, on an unimaginable scale, of an angel’s wings:  I knew it was Michael the Archangel.  There really is no reason that I should have known this.

Such a Divine Feeling was beyond my human imperfections which had no place in this moment of Being Loved Unconditionally.  What I was experiencing, I now realize, was in preparation for what would follow.

I found myself in this serenely beautiful and majestic place where I had no fear or doubts and was feeling God, this Perfect Divine Love in every moment, the infinite moments within the infinite moments. While at the same time, the space was overflowing with angels who were the embodiment of loving unconditionally and radiating the most beautiful pure light I had ever experienced.  A light that could only shine with such a glow because its source is perfect divine love.  It is in this setting that Michael the Archangel anointed me and proclaimed to the Universe that "the vibration of the sound of Michael Robert is the Divine Decree and power to spread Divine Truth which will awaken all of humanity.”  I felt humbled to a level I thought was not possible.  I am sharing this profound experience in the hope that you will be touched in your heart by this truth and be able to move further along on your own journey.   Truth carries a certain vibration that always makes it the most powerful.  When you are in your  Truth, no one can harm you or take away your personal divine power.

             Michael Robert         

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