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Sohum Kan Pieranunzi
Sohum Kan Pieranunzi

Sohum came to the U.S. when she was fourteen years of age.  Growing up in Taiwan, Sohum loved the newly gained democracy and freedom of Taiwan and started writing political essays for local magazines and national newspapers at the age of twelve.  At the time, however, Taiwan's academic environment was froth with verbal and physical abuse which was highly detrimental to her personal growth.  Sohum prayed to be able to study abroad.  A prayer she would never forget in her life:  "That was the first time I ever prayed.  As a youngster, I didn't know which religion to believe in.  So, I made sure there was no one at home, I knelt down next to the couch in the living room, and to make sure "they" could hear me, I yelled out loud:  Jesus, Buddha, Allah...etc. whichever one of you is the real One, please, get me out of here!  I paused and then added: And in return, I will dedicate my life to Thee!" Sohum left for New York only a few months after that prayer and for the first time, she realized in her heart that prayer truly works!  Thirty years later, Sohum has never forgotten the promise she made in that earnest and most sincere first prayer to dedicate her life to the Divine. 


Being true to her promise, throughout her life she has generously and compassionately shared her first hand spiritual experiences.  When someone would ask her what it is like to meet Mahavatar Babaji in the midst of the chaotic sounds of New York City, and what do those spiritual encounters mean to her.  She would simply answer, "Meeting and hearing Babaji is not merely a past event that took place many years ago, but rather, it's a constant memory of what's being taught and said to me in my heart where Time and Space do not exist.  The vibration of the sound of Babaji's voice emanates Peace and Bliss that echos in my soul and the realization that the Understanding of Universal Truth is without words echos in my heart.  It's simply a KNOWING which is given through Grace from the Divine."


"So, here we are, a Movement", Sohum says as matter of fact as she would say her name but with a resolve and conviction rarely seen in a person, she continued, "is to pave the road for the world to see as Human Beings, we truly can create heaven on earth by experiencing our divinity within and bringing out the best in each person, imagine a world like that."


Beyond Manifesting Realities

"With all spiritual endeavors, one's own experience with the Divine is what truly matters."  

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